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Pressure Sore

Berwick Solicitors is committed to supporting individuals who have endured the discomfort and potential health complications of pressure sores due to medical negligence. Recognised for our experience and meticulous approach, we stand as a pillar of legal expertise for those affected by such injuries.

What is a Pressure Sore?

Pressure sores, also known as bedsores, develop due to prolonged pressure on the skin, primarily in individuals who are immobile for extended periods. These sores arise from a lack of blood supply to the affected area and can range from mild discoloration to severe wounds reaching muscle and bone.

Berwick Solicitors Helping Victims of Pressure Sore Negligence

At Berwick Solicitors, our specialist team understands the gravity of pressure sore negligence claims. We approach each case with a blend of legal prowess and deep empathy, ensuring that every aspect of your claim is handled with the utmost care and attention.

The Health Implications of a Pressure Sore

Pressure sores, when not treated promptly and effectively, can escalate into serious infections, leading to conditions such as sepsis, cellulitis and joint infections. It is vital for care providers to take swift action at the earliest signs to mitigate health risks.

Bringing a Claim for Pressure Sore Negligence

To pursue a claim for pressure sore negligence, it is necessary to establish that the standard of care fell below acceptable levels and directly resulted in injury. Our team at Berwick Solicitors will assist in gathering evidence and obtaining expert opinions to substantiate your claim.

Compensation for Pressure Sore Negligence

Compensation may include both the physical pain and suffering endured, as well as specific costs stemming from the negligence, such as medical expenses, rehabilitation and care support. The compensation awarded will reflect the unique injuries and circumstances of your case.

Proving Pressure Sore Negligence

How Do I Prove Medical Negligence in Ireland?

Proving medical negligence in Ireland requires showing that the healthcare provider failed to offer the standard of care expected, leading to the development of pressure sores.

Statute of Limitations in Ireland for Medical Negligence

In Ireland, the statute of limitations for medical negligence claims, including pressure sore cases, is generally two years from the date the harm was known or ought to have been known. Special conditions apply for minors.

For expert guidance and comprehensive support on handling medical negligence claims in Ireland, refer to our medical negligence solicitors page. Our dedicated team, with extensive experience across a wide range of medical negligence cases, is committed to delivering the justice and compensation you are entitled to. We provide detailed information and resources to assist you through this challenging process, ensuring you have the representation you need.

People Frequently Ask

Can You Claim Compensation for Bed Sores?

Yes, if bed sores are a result of substandard care, compensation may be claimed to cover the damages suffered, including subsequent treatment costs and pain endured.

Are Pressure Sores from Neglect?

Pressure sores can indeed stem from neglect, particularly if appropriate care measures, such as regular repositioning, are not taken to prevent their development.

What Are 10 Causes of Pressure Sores?

  1. Prolonged pressure on the skin
  2. Immobility or paralysis
  3. Poor nutrition or hydration
  4. Lack of sensory perception
  5. Medical conditions affecting blood flow
  6. Friction or shear on the skin
  7. Incontinence
  8. Excessive moisture on the skin
  9. Incorrect use of bedding or medical devices
  10. Failure to assess and respond to early signs

What Is the Average Settlement for Bed Sores?

The settlement for bed sore claims varies based on the severity and impact of the sores. Each case is assessed individually to calculate appropriate compensation.

What Is a Stage 4 Bedsore Worth?

A Stage 4 bedsore, being the most severe, typically commands higher compensation due to the significant care requirements and potential for life-altering consequences.

How Much Does a Pressure Sore Cost?

The cost of treating pressure sores can be extensive, factoring in medical treatment, potential surgery and ongoing care needs. The financial burden of such treatment often forms a significant part of the compensation claim.

Contact Berwick Solicitors for Pressure Sore Claims

If you or a loved one has suffered from pressure sores and suspect negligence, Berwick Solicitors is here to provide expert legal advice and representation. Our seasoned solicitors will guide you through each step, from initial consultation to the resolution of your claim, ensuring you receive the support and compensation you deserve.


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