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Delay in Diagnosis

A delay in diagnosis can be catastrophic for the health and life of a patient. We at Berwick Solicitors have seen a wide range of cases involving delay in diagnosis. From our experience, cases of this nature usually involve a failure to detect cancer and other diseases.

The sooner treatment is administered for an illness or disease, the better the survival prospect.

What do I have to prove?

To prove a delay in diagnosis type case of medical negligence, you must show:

(i) A duty of care was owed by the treating doctor to you;
(ii) A duty of care was breached by your treating doctor;
(iii) The breach in duty of care caused your illness to worsen.

To prove this a medical expert report must be obtained. Due to our expertise, we can guide you through the process and offer you with the legal support required.

Please note that we meet with clients for medical negligence cases throughout Ireland.


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