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Accident and Emergency Cases

Accident and Emergency (A&E) cases generally arise when the healthcare professional at the Accident and Emergency Department fails to diagnose a patient or treat a patient correctly leading to further injury, leading to further issues with the patient’s treatment.

Overcrowding is such a common occurrence, leading to issues including:

  • Failure to detect an infection,
  • Failure to administer appropriate treatment after x-rays
  • Failure to refer patients to an appropriate clinic or consultant post attendance.

What is required?

To prove a case of medical negligence against a GP or a medical consultant, you must show that
(i) A duty of care was owed by the treating doctor to you;
(ii) A duty of care was breached by your treating doctor;
(iii) The breach in duty of care caused your injury.

These must be outlined in a medical expert report. At Berwick we have the expertise to take you through this process, provide support and guidance to help you reach the best outcome for your medical negligence case.


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