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Mistakes can be made by medical personnel but if these mistakes are avoidable and result in the alteration to the health or life of a patient you may have a claim for medical negligence. A delay in diagnosis can be catastrophic for the life and heath of a patient. We at Berwick Solicitors, Galway have seen a wide range of cases of medical negligence cases in Ireland involving delay in diagnosis.
From our experience, cases of this nature tend to involve a failure to detect cancer and other diseases. We have seen cases where tumours were missed on scans with a detrimental effect on patient’s health and in some instances their life. With most forms of cancer, the sooner treatment is administered, the better the survival prospect. We have seen cases where a number of years pass before the patient finally receives the correct diagnosis and treatment. Patients often find this delay difficult to accept.

To prove a case of medical negligence by delay in diagnosis, the injured party must show: –

(i) A duty of care was owed by the treating doctor to you;
(ii) A duty of care was breached by your treating doctor;
(iii) The breach in duty of care caused your injury.

To prove this, a medical expert report must be obtained. That expert must prove that the delay should not have occurred and that the stated injury has arisen as a direct consequence of that delay. Often, patients don’t know what to do when this situation occurs to them. We at Berwick Solicitors, Galway have over 30 years’ experience in the area of medical negligence claims and have dedicated Solicitors that specialise in medical malpractice (medical negligence claims). If you think you have a claim for delay in diagnosis, and want legal advice, please feel free to contact Martin Kerrigan of Berwick Solicitors, Galway for a consultation. We can offer you the support you need and explain to you the process of medical negligence claims in Ireland.

Please note that we meet with clients for medical negligence claims throughout Ireland.

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