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Fatal Injury Cases

Where a person dies as a result of the wrongful act of another party, a case may be pursued against that wrongdoer. This is called a fatal injury claim. A common example is where a person dies in a car accident, or where a pedestrian is fatally struck. A case for fatal injury can be taken by dependents of that deceased person. To be considered a dependent you must show that you have suffered a financial loss or a mental distress as a result of the deceased’s death and you must be related to the deceased as a spouse, a child, a brother, a sister, step-brother, step-sister or a grandchild, for example. Only one fatal injury case can be taken against the wrongdoer so your personal injury solicitor will ensure that all dependent parties are included.

Under Statute Law, a relevant party has either (a) two years from the date of death or else, (b) two years from the date of knowledge of the person for whose benefit the action is brought, whichever is the latest. In some special circumstances this time can be extended.

We at Berwick Solicitors Galway have many years of experience in handling fatal injury claims. We understand the trauma that the family of the deceased, and always strove to ensure that the process of a fatal injury claim is stress free as possible.


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