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Slip and Fall Cases

Slip and fall accidents are caused by someone falling, as a consequence of a substance or object on the ground. For example, you can slip and fall on a wet or dirty surface in your local supermarket. We at Berwick Solicitors Galway have seen a wide range of injuries arising from such incidents such as back injury, shoulder injury, fractured ankles, fractured wrist, etc. these injuries can have a detrimental effect to the life of the injured party as they may lead to an inability to work.

In order to bring a successful personal injury claim, you have to prove that the owner of the premises or the public area was at fault in allowing some dangerous condition to exist that caused you to slip and fall. It is always a good idea to take a photograph of the substance or object that caused you to fall.

Claims for personal injury sustained due to a slip and fall accident are processed firstly through the Injuries Board and if they are not resolved, they may then proceed into the Court process. If you sustained a personal injury as a result of a slip and fall, you may be entitled to claim against the owner/occupier of the property or premises and you should contact your personal injury solicitor for further advice on the matter.


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