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Recent medical negligence cases of regarding sepsis: T -v- HSE

Berwick Solicitors LLP recently successfully represented a Plaintiff in a case of medical negligence. Our client presented to hospital with right upper quadrant pain. He was referred for an ultrasound and an MRI which reported evidence of gallstones and a shrunken gallbladder. Subsequently, he was referred for consideration of cholecystectomy surgery. A Cholecystectomy was discussed and he was scheduled for surgery.

Our client returned to the Accident and Emergency Department four months post-surgical review with a three-day history of pain and clear evidence to suggest acute cholecystitis. He was treated conservatively with antibiotics and fluids. No consideration was given to proceeding with an early laparoscopic cholecystectomy which would have shortened the duration of his illness and overall hospital stay as well as reducing readmission. The antibiotics were only started two days after our client’s admission when ultrasound showed acute cholecystitis. Although both the clinical history and findings at admission suggested our client had acute cholecystitis, the opportunity for earlier antibiotic treatment was missed by the Defendant.

Despite 24-hour treatment with antibiotics our client developed a temperature of 38.3 degrees and developed rigours. Antibiotics were changed but there was a progressive clinical deterioration with the development of multi-organ failure and severe sepsis with hypoxia and metabolic acidosis. The Plaintiff recovered from the septicemia and surgery and was discharged eleven days later.

The case was resolved in advance of trial for damages plus costs.