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Purchase and Sale of a Sea Vessel

As with any big purchase, when buying a new boat, it is recommended that you either buy direct from the manufacturing boatyard or from one of their officially-appointed dealers. Any boat advertised as new that does not appear to originate from either of these sources should be checked out carefully with the boat builder. Similar to the purchase of a property, it is important that all reasonable checks are undertaken to ensure that the vessel being purchased is fit for purpose.

If you are purchasing a used boat, the selling price might represent great value but then again it might not and you should consider the following points: –

• Is there any ancillary equipment missing, in poor condition, not working, out of date or not included in the sale?
• Is there rectification work required?
• Is there original sales invoice and evidence of vat compliance?
• Is there a builder’s certificate and CE declaration of conformity?
• Is there a boat manual?
• Is there service history?
• Has the vessel a VHF radio license?

Berwick Solicitors (Incorporating Callinan Murphy) have many years’ experience advising clients in respect of purchases and sales. We can provide you with the advice you require to guide you through the process.

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