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Defence services for fishing vessels detained for Fishing Offence

The Defence Forces Ireland conducts fishery inspections at sea pursuant to the service level agreement with the Sea Fishery Protection Authority. Arrests of fishing boats are a common occurrence and reasons may range from issues with fishing quotas to fishing in an unauthorised location. Where such an offence has been committed by any person on board a sea-fishing boat, and where the master or owner of the boat is charged with having committed the offence, it is a defence for him or her to show that—

(a) he or she used due diligence to prevent the commission of the acts alleged to constitute the offence and they were done without his or her consent, connivance or default, or

(b) the acts were necessary to secure the safety of the boat or any other vessel or person in peril on the sea.

Berwick Solicitors (Incorporating Callinan Murphy) have many years’ experience advising clients in respect of detention of fishing vessels. We can provide you with the advice you require to guide you through the process.

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