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ACCIDENTS: Spectator at a Motor Rally – You must take care for my own safety

The law expects you to take care for your own safety.
In other words, even though a wrong might be done by another person, you need to act in such a way as to protect yourself. A good example of the above arose in a recent Galway case where a Spectator at a Motor Rally suffered very severe injuries (Murphy –V- Various Motor Clubs etc (High Court).
In this case, the Spectator and three friends were attending a Motor Rally in Kilchreest. The Rally took place in a restricted area where the roads had been closed off to other drivers. Having entered the restricted area, the Spectator and his friends walked to an area where there was a Marshal but then proceeded beyond this point to another vantage point. The Spectator was in a sitting position in this vantage point, sitting on a rock.
This location was only two/three meters away from a “crest/ramp ” on the road; they picked this location because the Rally cars were “tested” at this point (typically the wheels of the cars jumping into the air). The Spectator was in a sitting position and using his camcorder, whereas his friends were in a standing position. Unfortunately, one of the Rally cars left the road…
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