The Injures Board is an Independent statutory body which assesses the amount of compensation due to a person who has suffered a personal injury as a result of a car accident, an employment accident, a trip and fall accident etc. An application can be done by a personal injury solicitor. The process involved is to firstly obtain a medical report from your treating doctor, and then to lodge the application into the Injuries Board. If you think you are entitled to claim for injuries sustained, please feel free to contact us for a no obligation consultation. We can provide you with further legal advice on your injury claim.

What is the purpose of the Injuries Board?

The injuries Board or PIAB as it was formally known, was established in 2003 to process personal injury claims to lessen the need to go through the court system. It affords an opportunity for both sides to engage in a timely and cost effective manner.

How long will it take for my case to go through the Injuries Board?

Once an application is accepted by the Injuries Board, the other party (usually Insurance Company), is then notified and given 90 days by the injuries Board to respond on whether they wish to have the case assessed. If that party responds saying they do not want the case to be assessed, then the case comes out of the Injuries Board and enters the court system.

If the other party agrees to an Assessment, the Injuries Board will then have 9 months in which to place a figure on compensation for injuries. During this time, you may be referred to a doctor for the Injuries Board. If both you and the other party accept the proposed amount, then the case resolves at that juncture. If however either party disagrees, then the case comes out of the Injuries Board and enters the Court system.

Will I have to travel far to meet the Injuries Board Doctor?

No. Generally the appointment with the Injuries Board Doctor will be in the County which you reside. The format of the appointment will be much the same as when you met your own doctor. Berwick Solicitors will provide you with further legal advice on this issue beforehand.

I now live outside of Ireland, can I continue my Personal Injury claim?

Yes. Even though you may have moved away from Ireland does not mean you must stop your personal injury claim. The Injuries Board can arrange for you to be medically assessed outside of Ireland if necessary.

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