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The Plaintiff’s medical negligence claim relates to a dental procedure carried out in May 2015. Berwick Solicitors represented the Plaintiff in this case. The Plaintiff presented at the dentist’s surgery for a routine filling to her UL2. Whilst a procedure was being carried out by the Defendant, a drill apparatus being used was caused to go in too far resulting in an injury to the Plaintiff tooth and gum.

An x-ray was subsequently performed and it was opined that there was a significant apical area involving the UL2 tooth. There was also an overlap with the UL3.

The Plaintiff was instructed by the Defendant that she would lose the said tooth in time and subsequently require an implant. An expert dental report was procured for this case by Berwick Solicitors, which reported that the Dentist should not have damaged our client’s tooth / gum with the drill apparatus, and that the Dentist breached the duty of care owed to our client. As part of our client’s case, we investigated the costing of tooth implants and the longevity of this tooth implant, so that a future dental cost could be recouped for our client.

The Defendant accepted fault for the injury and ultimately the case settled prior to the trial date for damages plus costs.

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