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Accident and Emergency claims (A&E claims) generally arise when the health care professional at the Accident and Emergency Department fails to diagnose a patient or treat a patient correctly leading to further injury. As the Accident and Emergency department is the first point of contact patients usually have with a hospital, a failure to diagnose or incorrect medical treatment can be detrimental to the patient’s health.

We at Berwick Solicitors, Galway have seen a wide range of medical negligence cases in Ireland against Accident and Emergency Departments – such as a failure to detect an infection, failure to administer appropriate treatment after x-rays and failure to refer patients to an appropriate clinic or consultant post attendance.

Unfortunately, overcrowding is a common occurrence at Accident and Emergency (A&E) Departments throughout Ireland. With such pressure on staff, medical mistakes frequently occur.

To prove a case of medical negligence against a GP or a medical consultant, you must show: –

(i) A duty of care was owed by the treating doctor to you;
(ii) A duty of care was breached by your treating doctor;
(iii) The breach in duty of care caused your injury.

To prove this, a medical expert report must be obtained. That expert must prove that the A&E doctor was negligent in the way they treated you, and that the stated injury has arisen as a direct consequence of that negligence. Often, patients don’t know what to do when this situation occurs to them. We at Berwick Solicitors, Galway have over 30 years’ experience in the area of medical negligence claims in Ireland and have dedicated Solicitors that specialise in medical malpractice (medical negligence claims).

If you think you have a claim for Medical Negligence / Medical Malpractice / Clinical Negligence, and want legal advice, please feel free to contact Martin Kerrigan of Berwick Solicitors, Galway for a consultation. We can offer you the support you need and explain the process of medical negligence claims in Ireland to you.

Please note that we meet with clients for medical negligence claims throughout Ireland.

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