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Recent GP negligence cases of note: A -v- GP

The Plaintiff’s medical negligence claim relates to a failure of a GP to follow correct procedures when conducting a blood test. Berwick Solicitors represented the Plaintiff in this case. Our client presented for a routine blood test. For this procedure, our client was not placed in a safe / restrained position. Immediately post blood test, our client fainted, falling from an examination couch to the floor. He struck his face hard on the floor in the surgery. This resulted in bruising and abrasions to his face and body as well as damage and loss of several teeth.

The Plaintiff lost the LR2, and an implant was put in position despite initial efforts to save the tooth. The Plaintiff’s tooth LL2 was temporarily restored with a porcelain veneer. The Plaintiff’s teeth LR1 and LL1 were restored with root canal treatments and full coverage porcelain crowns.

Expert reporting was procured from a GP specialist for this case by Berwick Solicitors, and in their medical opinion, the GP erred in not placing our client in a more secure position prior to the commencement of the procedure. As part of this medical negligence case, we assessed the losses to our client inclusive of future dental expenses. A report was obtained from a dentist to assess the work done to her damaged teeth, the longevity of said implants crowns etc, and the cost. This enabled us ensure that our client attained the best outcome for her case.

The Defendant accepted fault for the injury and ultimately the case settled prior to the trial date for damages plus costs.