Commercial business disputes Berwick Solicitors Galway and DublinIn every facet of life, conflict can occur, and this is especially true in business. When such a conflict arises, you need to resolve it quickly, efficiently and as cost effectively as possible without disrupting your business. Berwick Solicitors as breach of contract lawyers, specialize as in providing comprehensive legal services in areas such as

  • Lease negotiation, advice and representation in landlord & tenant disputes.
  • Advice and negotiation on disputes in commercial agreements such as franchise agreements, distributions agreements, agency agreements and contracts for sale/purchase.
  • Shareholder disputes and director disputes.Contract Laws Berwick Solicitors Galway and Dublin
  • Providing advice on how to resolve contract disputes.
  • Contract law disputes and suing for breach of contract or to enforce the performance of a contract.
  • Suing for monies/goods owed to the business. Please click here to view our Debt Recovery/ Recovery of Monies Owed services.
  • Disputes concerning land ownership, rights of way and boundaries.
  • Using mediation or arbitration to resolve disputes between the company’s directors or shareholders. Please click here to view our Arbitration & Mediation services.